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    hey all, kicking around an update. Currently running a n66 with the fork firmware, debating a ac upgrade. i added a nice 4k tv where there is no jack (phone, could rewire), also i started streaming from my network and kicking around a Synology 216+II for a hub. lol, all over the board of thoughts right ?? sorry. always streamed from a computer to boxes, just working on the streamline now.

    anyways, thoughts between a ac3100 asus vs a ac1900p asus (BB) or the synology 2600 ?? how about a...

    leave n66u for ac3100, ac1900p, synology 2600 ??

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    I've been on several help forums trying to solve this frustrating issue. Hope someone here can help. Here's the story:

    I was using a self-built Windows 7 machine for 2 years. Suddenly, about 3 months ago, a specific random sound started occurring (sometimes 3x in a row, other times not for several hours) - I disabled all system sounds and it still continued, even though I didn't notice any USB hardware blips). Two months ago, I bought the new Intel NUC7i7BNH, installed Windows 10, and...

    Random Sound Over Network - What is it?

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    Title pretty much says it all. Unfortunately, going wired is not an option due to the placement of our modem and the number of clients that need to connect.

    1800 sq ft single-story home. Router signal needs to travel 30 ft through multiple drywall walls. Primary clients are two desktop PCs with ASUS PCE-AC88 adapters, one PS3, two smart TVs and several iOS devices. Being a temporary device, I am willing to prioritize reliability at the expense of speed. If it can provide a stable 50mbps to...

    Preparing RT-AC5300 for an RMA. I need a <$75 router (used is ok) for the next three weeks.

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  • 07/12/17--16:58: may need a new router
  • Best Asus for a gigabit network?

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  • 07/12/17--17:00: AT&T Gateway 802.1x Proxy
  • Hello all,

    I'm wondering if someone can sanity check what I'm doing and even let me know if this is not possible on the AC-68U.

    A little background, AT&T U-verse uses 802.1x certificate based authentication between the ONT and their provided gateway, so there's no way to pull that certificate and use it on your own personal router. So, people have found creative ways around this, a la:

    Now a gentleman...

    AT&T Gateway 802.1x Proxy

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    I just recently upgraded my internet from Extreme 250 to the gigabit network with Comcast xfinity. Problem is my Asus 5300 is having speed issues. Without router I am downloading in the upper 700's and with my router my speeds are in the low 200's. Tech support recommended I switch to the new Nighthawk router since they are not having issues with the speed. Anyone on a gigabit network having good speeds?

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    I just recently upgraded my internet from Extreme 250 to the gigabit network with xfinity. Problem is my upload speed increased but my download speed did not. If I plug my MacBook directly into my Netgear cm1000 I get download speeds in the 700's but I am getting around 200 through my router. I am running the most current Asus firmware. Comcast tech support said it was a router issue and recommended I switch to a Netgear Nighthawk router. I find it hard to believe that the 5300 can't handle...

    Asus AC5300 on Xfinity gigabit network

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    I have an external drive plugged into usb port on back of ac68u router. I can access the drive, open things up on it but can not write to it. I even plugged a regular thumb drive into the port and same thing. Heard that it was an issue with the firmware? please help.

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    I've searched around and cannot find any info on this.

    I have a Canon MX922 printer running the latest firmware connected to the network via wifi. It was working fine with my prior router Cisco/Linksys E3000 with both stock and ddwrt firmware.

    When I switched to the Asus RT-AC5300, the printer can associate to the router, and I can ping it, but windows will not find the printer, even if manually enter the IP information. I switch back to my old router, everything is fine.

    It also works...

    Asus RT-AC5300 & Wireless Printer Problems

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  • 07/13/17--05:33: VPN Tunnel between countries
  • Hello,
    I have two asus-rt-ac68u routers both loaded with the Merlin Firmare 380.63
    I need to set up a VPN tunnel between the routers, which are located in two countries.

    Country A is the VPN Server, and Country B is the Client.
    Problem is that Country B ISPs don't give you a public IP.
    (Apparently the ISP’s route all their client’s through a few IP addresses)

    I've managed to get part of the way...
    Country A
    - Can run OpenVPN Client on mobile devices and access Router
    - In router...

    VPN Tunnel between countries

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  • 07/13/17--15:32: Hard Drive invalid files
  • Hi
    How can I get rid of 3 files in my hard drive that look like this:
    ntfsck.00000005 ? Other than removing and reformat the drive.
    I used to be able to this many years ago using ssh or Telnet, I just don’t remember the steps or commands, “getting old is not for sissies”.

    One more question: is there a way to rename my drive from Asus-Merlin firmware, I am running 380.66.6?
    Thank you

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    I publish beta version of my custom firmware for R9000 owners. Primary goal is to check is there any interest to my custom build for this router too. Many thanks to NETGEAR Guy who provided me this router.

    Key changes in this version vs official stock firmware are similar to my changes for R7800 discussed here:

    Custom firmware build for R9000

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  • 07/13/17--06:04: Cable modem
  • Greetings!
    I'm looking to replace my cable modem with a modem that I can own instead of renting from the cable company. Any suggestions on what I should buy and/or look for would be appreciated.


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    The Arris SURFboard SBG7580-AC Wireless Gateway, combines a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, AC1750 class Wi-Fi router with 4-port gigabit Ethernet switch and McAfee-powered security engine.

    The McAfee security engine, called the Arris Secure Home Internet by McAfee, was designed to help deal with the growing number of IoT devices popping up in homes and residences. And similar to other devices on...

    Arris’ Broadband Gateway Protected By McAfee Now Available

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    As per the attached photos, my phone, a Moto Z Droid, with AC MU-MIMO 2x2 wifi, can seemingly only obtain maximum wifi downloads on a gigabit connection in one particular spot of my apartment while I'm in bed, behind two walls and a headboard, in a straight line from the router, late at night. These tests are all at 866 link rate. On the attached list, the top entry is typical throughout my apartment, with about 140 download and 220 upload at almost any time of the day. Then late at night,...

    My phone can only maximize speed in one particular far off place in my apartment

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been reading on and off on this forum and been trying various things and had a little luck on gettings things done. I am still learning this whole VLAN proces.

    The goal:
    Want to use the AC88U as main router and not use the one supplied by the ISP with this setup:
    NTU -> AC88U - -> VLANx1 -> Internet (required VLAN 34 from ISP)
    \ -> VLANx2 -> IPTV (SparqL) (required VLAN 4 from the ISP, additional static route needs to be...

    Creating a seperate VLAN for IPTV on AC88U

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    I'm pretty new to VPNs and how to use one and have a question regarding using OpenVPN on a router with AsusWRT Merlin (AC-87u, 380.66_6)

    Can i setup the OpenVPN in a way, that only specific clients in my LAN use it as WAN connection ? For example only selected static IPs in my Lan ?

    I learned that on DD-WRT it's possible using iptables, so i guess that might be possible on AsusWRT Merlin, too ? But is there maybe a gui for this ?

    Thanks for your answers!

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    As above - there is no way of setting a value for ntp_server1 via the UI. The default value is At one point this didn't matter as this field was never needed (the only reference to this setting I can find states that it isn't used - but that's from back in 2014). However, as of a couple of years back, this field is used:

    As can be seen the...

    No way to set ntp_server1 via GUI

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    Hello Folks,

    New to the forum and not much of a networking expert, but I have tried to find some advice/direction as to what I am attempting to do and have not been able.

    My primary router Asus AC5300 (stock firmware) and at the opposite ends of the house on the second floor we have weak signal issues with the wireless signal on all bands.

    I was thinking of using my old RT-N66U (stock firmware) router as a repeater to solve the problem. Does this make sense and is it advisable or not...

    AC5300 with RT-N66U as Repeater

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  • 07/13/17--09:31: SSH Integrity error
  • I am trying to clone Raspberry PI remotely into mounted USB drive via command

    ssh polo@192.168.1.XXX -p 27 "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1  | sudo gzip -9 -" | dd of=mmcblkop1.gz
    The small boot partition (75Mb) is cloned fine, but the big one (3.6Gb) fails with such error

    ssh: Connection to polo@192.168.1.XXX:27 exited: Integrity error
    This error is thrown on the different stages of cloning (on the fifth minute or on the 25th).

    Rough googling made me feel this is a...

    SSH Integrity error

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